Sulfuric Acid Plants
1398/06/03 03:44:48
Sulfuric Acid Plants

Sulfuric Acid Plants

1.   Anti Acid Brick Lining – H2SO4 78% storage Tank – Arvand Petrochemical. (EPC)
2.   Anti Acid Brick Lining – Absorption Tower and Drying Tower and Process Tank - Orumieh Petrochemical. (PC)
3.   Anti Acid Tiling – H3PO4 and H2SO4 – Cookers and TK3 Plants - Razi Petrochemical. (EPC)
4.   Anti Acid Brick Lining and Anti acid Tiling - Floors and Foundation, Pits and Sumps and Trenches of Sulfuric Acid Plant – Arvand Petrochemical. (EPC)
5.   Anti Acid Tiling – Waste Water Plant and Battery House and laboratory – Kazeroon Power Plant. (PC)
6.   Anti Acid Brick Lining, Anti Acid Tiling anf Rubber Lining – Tanks and Vessels and Towers - Isfahan Steel company. (EPC)
7.   Anti Acid Brick Lining, Anti Acid Tiling, Epoxy Coating and Vinylester Coating and production of FRP parts - Narbaghy Copper Plant in Saveh. (EPC)
8.   Anti Acid Tiling and Vinylester Coating – Floors and Foundation, Sumps and Trenches – Mahabad petrochemical. (EPC)
9.   Novolac Vinylester Coating – Sulfuric acid and Nitric Acid Tanks – Karoon Petrochemical. (EP)
10.  Vinylester Coating and production of FRP gratings – Masjed Soleyman Petrochemical. (EPC)
11.  Vinylester Coating of Carbon Steel Structure  – Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex. (EPC)